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Here are ten more WW1 eBooks to download
ww1 Tanks book by Col. Swinton

The "TANKS" (1918) by Colonel E.D. Swinton, Royal Engineers. Swinton was one of the inventors of the tank.This 28-page booklet is a first-hand account of the birth, construction and deployment of the machine. Published in New York in 1918 for American readers, here, Col.Swinton reveals among other things how the tank got its name.

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ww1 leaflet Communication with POWs
COMMUNICATION WITH PRISONERS OF WAR INTERNED ABROAD. Issued by the G.P.O. in November 1915. This 4-page document contains a list of goods "...likely to be most useful to prisoners," How to address letters and parcels to PoW's. How to wrap parcels for prisoners and warns "NEWSPAPERS must not on any account be sent..." The document further warns, "Postcards containing views of warships, camps, docks, birds-eye views and any conspicuous landmarks must not be sent."

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ww1 American leaflet A young mans health

A YOUNG MAN'S HEALTH (c1917) This 8-page pamphlet was produced for young American soldiers to read on the troop transports taking them to Europe to fight on the Western Front. It highlighted the dangers of using the services of "immoral women". Much of the advice contained therein appears to have been gleaned from British Army sources, including Kitcheners' famous message to the BEF as it embarked for France.  Interesting!

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ww1 book Camouflage

CAMOUFLAGE (c1917) This 15-page American publication is a transcript of a lecture given by a British officer. The officer goes into great detail to explain the art of camouflage on the battlefield - with numerous examples. He said, "The great secret of concealment is the imitation of nature." 

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ww1 Army council instruction 225
ARMY COUNCIL INSTRUCTION No.225 (January 1916) Procedure for dealing with Sick and Wounded Soldiers of the Territorial Force transferred home from Expeditionary Force and Garrisons Abroad. This 16-page document includes in great detail information on the following: Admissions to hospital, Discharges from hospital, Military convalescent hospitals, Serious cases, Furloughs, Warrants, Re-joining units, Discipline in hospital and a long list of some of the Military and T.F. hospitals in the UK.

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ww1 booklet Close combat weapons
Close Combat Weapons. (1917) The contents of this pamphlet describe the use of Hand grenades, Grenade mortars and Rifle grenades. The publication is an English translation from the French of a German official document dated 1st January 1917. There are 15-pages of detailed text and a number of explanatory diagrams. "The grenade plays as large a part in close combat as does the rifle or pistol." said the original author.

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ww1 publication Misuse of hospital ships
...ALLEGED MISUSE OF BRITISH HOSPITAL SHIPS. (1917) This 'white paper' was an official British "Correspondence with the German Government regarding the Alleged Misuse of British Hospital Ships." The German Government accused the British that some of their  Hospital Ships - as well as transporting wounded or sick soldiers - were carrying troops and ammunition to the war zones and thus contravening International rules of war. Within this 27-page white paper, the activities of a number of named British hospital ships is discussed.      A fascinating and detailed document.

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booklet of the work of Louis Raemaekers in ww1
Illustrated Catalogue of the War Cartoons of Louis Raemaekers. (1917)  This 46-page catalogue accompanied a temporary exhibition of Raemaekers work at the Sunderland Public Art Gallery in August 1917. Included in the publication is an appreciation from the Prime Minister to the Dutchman, a photograph of the artist, a long introduction to his work and numerous illustrations of his war cartoons. An excellent and informative little book on this great artist

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ww1 book Methods of unarmed attack and defence

METHODS OF UNARMED ATTACK AND DEFENSE (1917) This 46-page official army training manual is divided into three sections. 1. Simple method of unarmed attack and defense...  2. More advanced methods for trained soldiers.   3. Special methods for military police.  Each of the three sections has detailed instructions on how to carry out a series of 'moves' . Each move is accompanied by an 'action' sketch showing the method the soldier should use to disable his opponent.

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ww1 The Camp Magazine

THE CAMP MAGAZINE No.26. (May 1917) "Being the periodical of the 1st Royal Naval Brigade, Interned in Holland." Contents in this 21-page issue include: Long editorial, Bread Fund, Groningen, The Variety Company, R.N.B. Association Football Club, The Brass band and A Day in the Camp.

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