Picture Postcards from the Great War

 Bruce Bairnsfather postcard list


This is a list of Bruce Bairnsfather’s 54 cards - which were issued in nine sets of six cards each.



Set 1

Keeping his hand in

The fatalist

“Well if you know of a better…”

“There goes our blinkin’ parapet

So obvious

The things that matter


Set 2

Coiffure in the trenches

No possible doubt whatever

The innocent abroad

The thirst for reprisals

That evening star-shell

The eternal question


Set 3

That sword

“They’ve evidently seen me”

Directing the way at the front

“Where did that one go to?”

The tactless Teuton

Our democratic army


Set 4

A maxim maxim

“got strafe this barbed wire”

Situation shortly vacant

A.D. Nineteen fifty

My dug-out: a lay of the trenches

“The Push” - in three chapters

Set 5

“Watch me make a fire bucket…”

“Dear – At present we are staying…”

In and Out (I)

In and out (II)


The ideal and the real


Set 6

The soldier’s dream

“The same old moon”

Frustrated ingenuity

“That 16 inch sensation

What ikt really feels like

Our adaptable armies


Set 7

The dud shell- or the fuse-top…”

The conscientious exhilarator

Springtime in Flanders

When one would like to start…”

“My dream for years to come”

The historical touch


Set 8

Trouble with one of the souvenirs

Happy memories of the zoo

The nest

A proposal in Flanders


The professional touch


Set 9

The intelligence department

The communication trench

His dual obsession

His secret sorrow



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