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Here are ten more ww1 publications to download as eBooks
ww1 book Rank at a Glance
Rank at a Glance in the Army & Navy (c.1917) This 49-page Guide explains the origin and history of British Army and Navy badges and uniforms . The Guide also looks at "Rank and what it means." and "Regiments and their mottoes." There are over 300 illustrations of badges etc. -  in full colour.

Here is a view of the contents page and index

Item code: M - 016
Price £1.99

ww1 book Reprisals against POWs
Reprisals Against Prisoners of War. (1916) On the first page of this11-page booklet is a copy of a letter that reads, "I have the honour of forwarding herewith a letter addressed to His Majesty's Government...drawing attention to the barbaric practice of reprisals against Prisoners of War practiced by some of the belligerent Governments."

Item code: M - 017

Price £1.25

ww1 book Hints on finding german mines and land miness
HINTS ON RECONNAISSANCE FOR MINES AND LAND MINES IN THE AREA EVACUATED BY THE GERMANS. (May 1917) S.S.163. This 13-page manual includes detailed diagrams and sketches.

Item code: M - 018
Price £1.49

ww1 book eye witness at Louvain
AN EYE-WITNESS AT LOUVAIN. (1914). This 9-page pamphlet was an "account of the events that took place on the 25th, 26th and 27th August, 1914." The eye-witness to the alleged atrocities committed by the German Army at the town of Louvain in 1914, was not named. This could have been a pamphlet released by the British propaganda service.

Item code: M - 019

Price £1.25

ww1 leaflet list of things a young officer must know
LIST OF SUBJECTS WHICH A YOUNG OFFICER MUST KNOW...  (1915)  This 4-page 'list' is quite extensive with subjects ranging from "How to fire a machine gun in case of emergency" to "be able to nail on a shoe securely and without injury to the horse."

Item code: M - 020

Price .99p

ww1 Report of Imperial War Museum 1917/1918
REPORT OF IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM 1917-1918.This 6-page 'white paper' was published in April 1918. On 5th March 1917, the British War Cabinet approved the formation of a National War Museum and this paper was its first annual report. Even before the war was over, a large amount of material was finding its way to the museum and much of it was recorded in this report. An extremely interesting insight into the beginning of the IWM.

Item code: M - 021

Price £1.49

ww1 brochure Demobilisation and civil employment
DEMOBILIZATION and CIVIL EMPLOYMENT. (December 1918) This comprehensive 16-page soldiers' booklet, contained all the information that a demobbed soldier needed.to restart his civilian life. Packed full of information.

Item code: M - 022
Price £1.49

ww1 booklet Shootings at Dawn
SHOOTINGS AT DAWN. The Army Death Penalty at Work. (1930) The contents of this 9-page booklet, by the MP Ernest Thurtle, contains sometimes harrowing eye-witness accounts of military executions during WW1.The publication was part of a campaign in the 1930's for the "abandonment of the supreme penalty for all offenses except those of mutiny and treason...This is a reflection of public opinion."

Item code: M - 023
Price £1.49

ww1 The Weekly Bulletin ww1 publication
THE WEEKLY BULLETIN of the Ministry of National Service. (No.1, 1st November 1917) This 16-page bulletin gives a good insight in to the working of the Ministry of National Service in its attempt to secure recruits for the army and civilian war work during the conflict. There is also an excellent diagram showing the many different departments belonging to the Ministry of National Service at its headquarters in Westminster.   A wealth of information!

Item code: M - 025

Price £1.49

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