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Here are a number of ww1 PoW documents to download
These PDF files include copies of original official so called 'white papers', semi-official pamphlets and booklets, and privately produced publications. They cover issues such as; conditions in the camps, treatment of prisoners in Britain and Germany, internment of civilians, and internment of soldiers in neutral countries.
The British prisoner of war

"The British Prisoners of War Food Parcels and Clothing Fund." (June 1917) This 18-page pamphlet gives details of the contents of various size food and clothing parcels which could be ordered and sent by the fund to prisoners of war in Germany. The fund was staffed by 'ladies of leisure' and there are a number of photographs showing the staff at work and photos of  the parcel and clothing depot.

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Treatment of prisoners book
This 9-page official report on “THE TREATMENT BY THE GERMANS OF PRISONERS OF WAR TAKEN DURING THE SPRING OFFENSIVE OF 1918.” was published in October 1918. It was compiled from statements made by British soldiers who had escaped shortly after capture and subsequently made their way back to the British lines. Corporal Arthur Coney said, “The men in our compound all felt they might as well risk being killed getting back to the British lines, as remain in German lines to be killed by our shells or starved by Germans.”

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Prisoners of war and civilians boook

"Misc.  No.10. Agreement Between the British and Otterman Governments Respecting Prisoners of War and Civilians." (1918) This 15-page agreement between Britain and Turkey set out rules and regulations (in French and English) in respect of POW's and Civilian Internees held by both countries. The paper covers - Treatment of prisoners - Repatriation of medical personnel - Repatriation of civilians - Parcels and correspondence.

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Release of civilians book

"Proposed Release of Civilians Interned in the British and German Empires." (January 1917) This report comprises of 6-pages and presents the communications between Berlin and London, via the American Embassy in each capital, about the proposed release of all German and British civilians over the age of 45.

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Treatment of prisoners book

"The Treatment of Prisoners of War in England and Germany During the First Eight Months of the War". (1915) This 40-page official report contains the following chapters -The treatment by Germany of captured soldiers after captivity and before internment - The treatment of officers during internment - The treatment of men during internment - Matters effecting the general welfare of prisoners. This is an extremely comprehensive report which covers many important issues relating to prisoners of war.

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ww1 Map of the main prison camps in Germany and Austria eBook

"Map of the Prison Camps in Germany and Austria." by Mrs Pope-Hennessy. (c.1917) In addition to the useful map -  which shows the locations of the main prison camps - over 180 of them are listed in this handbook, together with brief details of each one. The guide comprises of 14-pages plus the map.

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You can print-out this extremely useful map from the above PDF file. It shows the location of a large number of the main POW camps in Germany and Austria during the 1914-1918 conflict.

"The Horrors of Wittenberg." An official report (1916) submitted to the British Government regarding the devastating typhus epidemic at Wittenberg camp. It started in December 1914 and lasted until May 1915. The evidence in the report came from prisoners who survived the epidemic. This is a 32-page document.

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"Swiss Internment of Prisoners of War." This 63-page book published in November 1917, covers: the selection, supervision and transportation of interned prisoners - location and maintenance - educational facilities - civil rights - treatment in hospital - recreation and occupations - organisation and administration of Internment Services.

James Gerard, the chief of the camp inspectors said, "A great step forward was made when arrangements were entered into between Germany and Great Britain, whereby wounded and sick officers and men, when passed by the Swiss Commission, which visited both countries, were sent to Switzerland - sent still as prisoners of war - subject to return to Germany or Great Britain, respectively. But the opportunity afforded by change of food and scene, as well as reunion of families, saved many a life."

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"THE QUALITY OF MERCY." This 15-page booklet (c.1915), said to be "an official report based on the statements of 48 officers and 77 N.C.O.'s and men " tells how German soldiers and civilians allegedly mistreated Allied prisoners arriving in Germany in the early months of the war. James W. Gerard later said, "In the first days of the war it was undoubtedly and unfortunately true that prisoners of war taken by the Germans, both at the time of their capture and in transit to the prison camps, were often badly treated by the soldiers, guards, or civil populations."   

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"REPORTS ON BRITISH PRISON CAMPS IN INDIA AND BURMA." (1917). This detailed 61-page report was compiled by delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross. They inspected a number of camps in India including - Sumerpur - Ahmednagar - Belgaum - Bellary - Calcutta and Katapahar. Those in Burma included - Thayetmyo - Schwebo - Meiktila and Rangoon.


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"Misc. No.11 (1915) The Treatment of British Prisoners of War and Interned Civilians." This 24-page report looks at the conditions found by the 'Inspectors' in the following camps. Burg - Crefeld - Doberitz - Gardelegen - Gottingen - Gustrow - Helle - Magdeburg - Munster -Osnabruck - Satzwedel - Scheuen - Schloss - Celle - Zossen. In this comprehensive report, James Gerard said, "I am anxious to have every place in Germany where British subjects are interned, visited by a member of my staff. At the present time I am glad to say that there appears to be a general improvement in the conditions prevailing in prison camps throughout Germany."

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"Misc. No.6 (1918) Death by Burning of J.E. Genower, When Prisoner of War at Brandenburg Camp."  This 8-page White Paper is a report of a fire at Brandenburg, which resulted in the death of several prisoners and the bayoneting and burning of  Able Seaman, J.P.Genower. (On 1st June 1916, Genower of HMS Nestor had been taken prisoner at the battle of the Skagerrak. A number of eye-witness accounts of the fire were obtained by the "Netherlands Legation (British Section), Berlin" and published in this report, including one by "eight Spanish seamen who were captured from the steamship Gravina by a German submarine." Five Russians and one French soldier also died in the fire.

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"Misc. No.5. Treatment of German Prisoners of War and Interned Civilians in the United Kingdom." (March 1915) This  5-page official report was the reply by the British Government to the German Government via the American embassies, to a telegram sent from Berlin, saying "Foreign Office desires full information how German officers, officials, and soldiers, according to rank, imprisoned in England, are paid, cared for, housed, and clothed."

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Prisoners in German East Africa ww1 eBook
"BRITISH CIVILIAN PRISONERS IN GERMAN EAST AFRICA." (1918).  A report by the Governmental Committee of the treatment by the Germans of British prisoners of war. This 32-page document highlights the hardships and privation of British civilian internees in the German camps in East Africa. The main places of internment were at  - Kilimatinde - Kiboriani - Buigiri and Tabora.

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ww1 eBook The camp magazine

"THE CAMP MAGAZINE", Number 26. (May 1917) This was a periodical produced for members of the 1st Royal Naval Brigade, who were interned in a camp at Groningen in Holland. It comprises of 21-pages. Contents include - A long editorial - History of Groningen - The Bread Fund - The Variety Company - R.N.B. Association  Football Club - Rugby - The Brass Band - Selection of poems - A day in the camp - In Memoriam

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The Great War prisoners eBook
"Great Britain's Humane Treatment of German Prisoners of War". (c.1918) This pamphlet is an extract from a volume of  The Great War. The 10-page chapter has a number of photographs of German PoW's engaged in farming and forestry work and also at 'play' and perhaps answered the question put by The War Illustrated about Britain's treatment of prisoners. Extracts from some of the White Paper reports by the American camp inspectors in the UK, are also included in the chapter.

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Turkish prisoners of war ww1 eBook
"TURKISH PRISONERS OF WAR IN EGYPT." (1917).  This 65-page book was a report by delegates of the Governmental Committee of the Red Cross about PoW camps in Egypt. British camps and related facilities included those at Helipolis - Hospital No. 2 at Abbassiaha - Maadi - The Egyption Red Cross Hospital at Cairo - The Cairo Citadel Camp - Ras-el-Tin Camp and Bilbeis Camp.

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The Ruhleben camp magazine ww1 eBook

"The Ruhleben Camp Magazine" No.6. This 70-page magazine was published in the camp in June 1917. Contents include - Numerous sketches and cartoons of camp life - Selection of camp limericks and poems - Specimens of camp craftmanship - Complaints about parcels from England - The Ruhleben orchestra - camp football match report - and much more.

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The British prisoner of war No1 Vol 1

"THE BRITISH PRISONER OF WAR." Vol.1 No.1, January 1918. This 15-page publication was issued by the British Red Cross to keep relatives informed of rules and regulations relating to a PoW and information about life in the camps. In this issue are articles about - Various camps in Turkey - Sending parcels to neutral countries - Letters from prisoners - Sending money to prisoners - The personal parcel - Sending supplies to newly captured prisoners - Advertisements from companies selling cigarettes, cardboard boxes and food parcels. A useful resource.

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Communication with prisoners of war eBook ww1
"Communication with Prisoners of War Detained Abroad." This official 4-page booklet was published in November 1915. An example is shown of the correct way to address mail to a PoW. - Notes about the LETTER POST,  Including the advice that "Postcards containing views of warships, camps,docks, birds eye-views and conspicuous landmarks should not be sent." - Notes about the PARCEL POST - Advice on packing parcels - A list of useful articles to send to a PoW.
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