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Picture Postcard Monthly magazine

Where would be the best place to begin a search for WW1 picture postcards? eBay obviously! But the first thing to do would be to obtain a copy of the premier magazine for postcard collectors Picture Postcard Monthly (PPM)

Among the 60+ pages of PPM, you will find names and address of specialist full-time and part-time picture postcard dealers. Most of them will have WW1 cards in their stock. Each monthly issue of the magazine features articles by knowledgeable collectors on various subjects, themes or topographical interest. (Many of PPM's 'back issues' carry interesting and informative articles on picture postcards from WW1.) There is also a calendar in the magazine which gives details of specialist postcards fairs held throughout the coming months in the UK and elsewhere.   

The Great War magazine

Published bi-monthly by Great Northern Publishing, The Great War magazine is produced in A5 format with 70+ pages in each issue. It is available as a printed magazine or as a PDF download. Although not WW1 picture postcard orientated, it contains much original and also unpublished material from and about The Great War. "We tell the stories and accounts of the ordinary men and women at the front and at home," says its editor Mark Marsay. Regular features include a 'Diary of the War' column, a 'Battle Honours' page, book reviews, 'Roll of Honour' page and 'News' and 'Letters' pages.

Blind Veterans UK

This year (2012) St Dunstan's changed its name to Blind Veterans UK.
It did so,  "to help more people understand who we are and what we do, so we can help blind veterans...We know that not enough people are aware of us...We've thought long and hard about what we're all about - and our new identity captures this perfectly."

You will find the site of Blind Veterans UK Here.

Prisoners of War
Here is a site which is devoted entirely to postcards featuring ww1 Prisoners of War. Also, there are a number of eBooks on the subject that can be downloaded - please click Here

 Collecting British Army Postcards

This publication - by Geoff White - is an essential guide and reference book for collectors of WW1 British military postcards. Produced in A5 format with 280 pages, it lists sets and series and single cards and is profusely illustrated.There are also sections on pre and post-war cards featuring the British Army. The book is a treasure trove of information and although published in 2005 and now possibly out of print, copies of it - both used and unused - can easily be found on eBay.

The famous battlefield guides produced and published by the renowned Major and Mrs Holt are splendid companions for anyone planning a tour of the Somme battlefield. They are the most detailed and up to date battlefield books and maps available today.


Frequently has WW1 postcards for sale


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